Nov 6, 2023

Best Practices for 360º Product Spins

Best Practices for 360º Product Spins

Start With High-Quality Images

360º product spins are made from dozens of individual images, stitched together to make an interactive experience. The foundation of great product spins is high-quality images, captured in a professional studio environment.

Make It Easy On The Eyes

360º spins are an incredible way for your web visitors to interact with your product, but if they're not captured properly you can end up with something that's actually nauseating to use. When shadows are moving, reflections are changing, and the product drifts around the frame as you interact with the spin - it can literally make your viewers motion sick! For example:

Control Lighting & Reflections

Taking a static image is more straightforward when it comes to lighting, keeping reflections and shadows consistent becomes vastly more complex when capturing a product from every angle in a 360 spin.

Include Every Angle

The value of 360º product spins is that, in a virtual environment, it allows web visitors to interact with your product on screen - much like they would in a retail store. For that reason, spins must consist of all key angles so that consumers have the most natural experience possible. If certain angles are missed, the final spin can become choppy and harder to interact with on-screen.

Choose A Reliable Hosting Platform

Unfortunately, product spins are a bit more difficult to manage than regular image files. You will need a platform to create and host your spins, which allows you to export and/or embed them on your website.

We typically recommend Sirv for its ease of use, flexible embed options, and reliably fast load times.

Make Spins Mobile Friendly

It's no surprise that for most eCommerce sellers, the majority of their web visitors will be on mobile devices. For that reason, it's critical that 360º spins are mobile-friendly. The software you use to host your spins will make a big difference here.

Optimize Loading Speed

If you're adding features like 360º spins to your website, you're likely trying to optimize for conversions. The last thing you want when doing so is to bog down your website and cause it to run slower. Having the proper file sizes and a good hosting platform will give you fast-loading spins on any page.

Add Multiple Rows & Go 3D

While spins are becoming a common asset on eCommerce websites, 3D photos are also rising the ranks of popularity. This is essentially a spin, but instead of just rotating horizontally it can rotate vertically as well - allowing your to see every angle of a product. If you're adding spins, you should strongly consider going 3D instead to maximize engagement.