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Professional Product Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

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Products we do and don't shoot

We work with most products. Products must meet the following requirements to be shot in our studio (and most do):

  • Must be legal to sell in the US.
  • Must be legal to ship in the US.
  • Must be less than seven feet on the longest side. NOTE let us know before you ship a product larger than four feet in any one dimension.
  • Must not require any special training for handling (i.e. no hazardous materials, etc).

We do shoot larger, heavier, more dangerous products. Those products, however must be photographed at your place of business or a location that you provide. You will need to provide appropriate health and safety protection for working with such products.

What we DO NOT shoot – a few things

We do not shoot products in the studio that:

  • Are illegal to sell in the US.
  • Are illegal to ship in the US.
  • Are more than seven feet on the longest side.
  • Require any special training for handling (i.e. no hazardous materials, etc).

What dimensions are files delivered in?

Dimension for standard delivered files are: (in pixels) Typical DPI of 300 or 72.

  • Photos: 2000 x 2000, 2048x2048, or 1500x1500
  • Infographics: 2000 x 2000
  • Video: 1920 x 1080

While these are typical dimensions, we create photos according to your spec and can deliver any custom size/format. Please contact us before booking if you need images >5000x5000px.

Do you do layerd .tifs?

Yes, for a small additional fee. Please request layered tifs when placing your order.

Do you do transparent backgrounds?

Yes! Please request transparent backgrounds when placing your order.

Are photos ready for Amazon?

Yes! Our standard deliverables are compliant with Amazon’s current image specifications, just let us know in advance that you will be using your photos on Amazon.

What file format are videos delivered in?

Standard video files are delivered at 29.97 fps, 1080p, .mov or .mp4 files.

What file formats are photos delivered in?

Standard photo and infographic files are delivered as:
Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 pixels
Format: .jpeg @ 100% quality
Colorspace: sRGB

For no additional cost we can deliver files with transparent backgrounds, in different dimensions, or as .pngs instead of .jpgs.

Layered tifs incur an additional costs as listed on our
pricing page.

Who pays for return shipping?

You are responsible for return shipping. You may include a return shipping label with your products or we can invoice you.

How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice soon after signing our work agreement.

When do I pay?

Fifty percent (50%) is due upon signing your contract (Due on receipt), the other fifty percent (50%) is due upon file delivery (Net 15).

Do you ever run deals?

On rare occasions we may offer discounts to members of our e-mail list.

How much product photography cost?

For complete pricing details, visit our Pricing page.

Do I get my products back?

Yes, as long as you cover the cost of return shipping. If you don’t want them back, just let us know! We can donate, dispose, or find them a good home.

What if I want revisions?

Scope of work & creative direction are established before production begins. If revisions are needed to meet the established quality and content standards, they are on us. If quality, content, or creative direction changes, additional fees may be incurred.

How long does it take?

Standard turnaround is 5-10 business days. 5-day guarantee, 3-day, and front-of-queue rush orders are available for additional fee.

How do you know what to shoot?

Scope of work & creative direction are established before production begins. Our creative team will work with you via phone, e-mail, and online meetings to make sure we're on the same page before our production team gets to work.

How does ordering work?

Our process is super simple!

  1. Start by filling out an Instant Quote or Contact Form
  2. Schedule a call with one of our team members to confirm project details.
  3. We'll work with you to make sure your order is complete and accurate before being submitted.

What happens if the product is damaged in shipping?

We examine all products as soon as they get to the studio and will let you know if the product is damaged upon receipt. Sometimes we can shoot the damaged product, other times we will need another unit.

Do I need to do anything special when packing my products?

The quality of the photographs of your product is limited by the quality of your products when they arrive. Generally, standard packaging is adequate. If, however, you have a uniquely fragile product, we recommend taking extra care when packing it.

Who pays for shipping?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping to and from our studio.

Where do I ship my products?

Ship all products to:
12545 W 54th Dr., Unit C8
Arvada, CO 80002

NOTE: Let us know before shipping something larger than 4ft. on any one side.

Are you based in the USA?

Yes! Our studio is located just outside Denver, CO. We’re right up against the foothills. When not creating amazing product photography, you’ll find us hiking, running, biking, and skiing.

Are you real people?

Yes! Our entire team is located in and around Denver, Colorado. We love working with businesses just like yours throughout the USA.

How will I know when my video clips are ready?

We will send you a link to a proofing gallery as soon as your video clips are ready for review.

How will I know when my photos are ready?

We will send you a link to a proofing gallery as soon as your photos are ready for review.

Who do I talk to if I have questions?

You can reach us by text, phone, or email during normal business hours:

P / T – 720.443.5444

Once we’ve started working together, you’ll also be given a direct line to your Production Manager and our Client Support Team. We’ve got your back!